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Hello guys I just want help for animating and making a games.
can you help me???
i just want to make a series like minecraft

im waiting for the answers


What do you want!!!!

2011-06-02 09:52:28 by gamerX1232

What Do you Want!!???
FPS or 3rd Person??
Just Say
YES or NO!!!!



2011-05-12 10:44:53 by gamerX1232

Hello Thier...Im Have Youtube account that almost 1 YEAR That's Name GreGar07777.
Question:Why My newgrounds name GamerX1232?
Answer:Becouse I Make A Account in this site and i thind REMEBER now..that i make a new account In this site...

Question: Why I Love Newgrounds..
Anser:When I Experience Play Flash games in Im so Realy Bored and my brother Go to this site and I See Lot Games that Amazing And SPECIALY I love Voting And Medals..

Question:What I Love in Flash Games..
Answer:That Great Question..I Love HARD games,RPG games,Defence game,Zombie games,Shooting Games,and Watching HENTAI :) 18+ (WARNING DONT WATCH THAT 18+ ADULT)..And I LOVE PLAYING A NEWGROUNDS GAMES...

To TomFulp: Hello Im Johnpaul AKA GamerX1232..Im From Philippines And Thank you very much becouse You Make Newgrounds.Every Day Im Log-in..If You Want To Chat me in FB Just Add Me.. THANK YOU

GUy Please Subcribe to my Youtube Channel Thanks!

Hmm..I dOnt Like 3d..
Becouse i can see the bone :D but no bone and Wrong Textures and Colors and Shape!!!!
But i play 2d like RAGNAROK
I like i i started 2008 but i not really bored on that Game :D See The Picture 2d
Please Comment Just Say YES or NO

Thanks For Comment
By gamerX1232

Another Question: What Do You Want 2D or 3D


2011-01-29 19:08:50 by gamerX1232

Hello guys...I have a Few Question.
What Do You Want In The Game???
Have A Medal Or Dont Have Medals???
-------------------Please Answer -------------------

just answer YES OR NO

by. gamerX1232